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Mandatory evacuation order lifted for Canyon Dam, Warner Valley; other warnings lifted

The following areas are being changed from a Mandatory Evacuation Order to an Evacuation Warning:

  • Canyon Dam [PLU Zone 5C]
  • Harkness and Warner Valley, Kelly Mountain [ PLU Zone 41]

*Residents should evaluate their own circumstances when determining if they will return home.

The evacuation warning for the following areas have been lifted:

  • South portion of Hwy 147, North of Canyon Dam area, including Dyer Mountain [PLU Zone 10A]
  • Indian Falls, Northwest of Round Valley Lake to Long Valley Mine and north to Hwy 89 [PLU Zone 011]
  • North and Eastern parts of Indian Valley, from upper Williams Valley and upper Pecks Valley east to include North Valley Road south to Nelson St and all of Diamond Mtn. Rd. [PLU Zone 013]
  • Area north of Diamond Mountain Road [18A]
  • Lone Rock, Includes Moonlight Valley, Engel Mine, Lone Rock Valley, and a portion of Growers Blvd. USFS Rd. 28N32 intersection of Plumas/Lassen line, and east to Diamond Mountain area, south to Lone Rock [PLU Zone 19]

This area is deemed safe from active fire though residents should stay alert to changing conditions.

Roadway Conditions: Caltrans District 2 would like to remind residents returning to their properties that emergency work is underway in several areas on State Route 89 and State Route 70 due to damage from the Dixie Fire. Delays range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the location. To get the most up-to-date information on closures and delays, please visit QuickMap.dot.ca.gov

WATER: Please consult your water district authority for information on drinking water quality. Essential services: Will likely be delayed in starting back up again. There remains potential risk of intermittent power outages for the remainder of this fire.

When residents do return to burned areas, it is important to follow protocols for re-entry provided by Plumas County Environmental Health. Only those with residence in the area should enter at this time. For more information visit plumascounty.us/2868/Dixie-Fire-Information

While we understand evacuated residents are understandably eager to get back to their homes and properties, the Dixie Fire is still active, and the public must remain out of Mandatory Evacuation Order zones until the orders are downgraded to warnings or lifted. There are also several health and safety hazards in affected areas that must be mitigated prior to reentry. Please do not attempt to enter restricted areas until evacuation orders are lifted. You can determine your zone and see evacuation status by entering your address on the evacuation map located at: community.zonehaven.com

In the burn area, you will encounter dangerous conditions and will be exposed to toxic materials that may include but are not limited to: Embers /hot ash, Hazardous materials, including: ash, asbestos, heavy metals, oils, fire retardants, pesticides and other hazardous materials, Puncture hazards, including: broken pipes, exposed nails, broken glass, damaged structural elements, Potential explosive hazards including: propane tanks, ammunition, and solvents, Slippery surfaces, Toxic airborne particles, Uneven ground and Unstable structures. We strongly suggest no habitation of destroyed property until property is declared clear of hazardous waste and structural ash and debris by Plumas County Environmental Health.

Please note area National Forest closures remain in effect.


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