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Meteorologist looks ahead: Smoky air to remain with us for a while

Meterologist Brett Lutz, who correctly predicted Quincy’s brief patch of blue this week, says area residents will probably have to wait until next Tuesday, Sept. 8, to see it again.

“Generally, we are expecting air quality to be pretty poor for the next couple of days,” Lutz said during a Sept. 3 interview. The air will stay in the very unhealthy range through tomorrow, though there could be some lift in the mornings bringing a bit of respite — though still unhealthy air — during the afternoon Friday through Sunday.

With low humidity and excessive heat in the forecast, the Claremont and Bear fires are expected to continue to burn with some intensity at night with southwest winds blowing the smoke into the valley. Lutz said the southerly winds are expected to peak Saturday night so firefighters are planning for that event. These conditions persist until Monday night when the winds shift and temperatures begin to cool.

While the air is expected to clear Tuesday and last into Wednesday, Lutz said it will be relatively short lived, as the winds change once again.

Looking farther ahead into the third week of September, Lutz said a lot of cold air begins dropping in on Sept. 14, along with some precipitation potential. Then hopefully air quality will improve on a more consistent basis.

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