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The Minerva Fire on Saturday night south of Quincy. Residents throughout American Valley could see the flames. Photo courtesy of Amber Houston.

Minerva Fire-day two

9 p.m.: This is the final update provided by the Forest Service for this Sunday evening. According to the incident commander, crews continue to put in direct handline in the West Fork of the Mill Creek drainage. With hard work and diligence, firefighters continue to hold the fire above the 24N20 Road, where it is slowly backing down with minimal spread. On the south side, bulldozers are putting in line, with 10 more dozers requested for tomorrow. Overall, it was a successful day with minimal fire growth and moderated fire behavior. As of this evening, there are 1,800 dedicated firefighters committed. Updates will resume tomorrow morning.

8:15 p.m.: It’s shaping up to be a smokey evening. Quoting the Forest Service’s recent post: “Smoke goes up in the day and comes down at night. Mix in a bit of a wind shift and you have smoked-out communities.”

The Plumas National Forest fire management team is transitioning with a CA Type 2 Incident Command Team. Base camp is coming together at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds  and will fill up fast with firefighters coming off shift. To all of those who have been concerned about the fair, it is set to open as scheduled Wednesday, Aug. 9.

5:15 p.m. Sheriff Greg Hagwood announced that he doesn’t anticipate any evacuations today or tonight. “The firefighters have made great progress,” he said.”They made a good frontal assault and they have held the fire line.” However, he cautioned that the area is not out of the woods. Lee Anne Schramel, public affairs officer for the Plumas National Forest, agreed that progress had been made, but was also cautious. “We are pleased with the progress that we made today, but we need to get through this current burn period and through the night, and will re-evaluate in the morning.”

4 p.m.: The Forest Service continues its air attack on the Minerva Fire via plane and helicopter. Quincy resident Graham Shea shot this video Saturday afternoon.


2:30 p.m.: The Forest Service is reporting that firefighters are having success working on fire line in the West Fork of the Mill Creek drainage, with extensive air support. Quincy residents are likely seeing the giant, mosquito-like, Sky Crane, with its snorkel which sucks up water into its belly tank. Structure firefighters are assessing neighborhoods in Quincy and nearby areas to determine how to best protect structures if the need arises. Currently the fire is still above the 24N20 Road (Watershed Road), but it is slowly backing toward it. Crews are working along the length of the road to clear brush. Crews are also building direct line along the flanks of the fire. The hot, dry, burn period in the late afternoon will be a critical juncture in this phase of the fire. Smoke is now moving out toward Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake, however there are no threats to those communities at this time. The fire is basically at the same size, just changing shape.

1:30 p.m. update: Individuals have asked if there is any containment on the Minerva Fire. Forest Service responds that the fire is still in its early stages with no containment information. Four helicopters with buckets and two scoopers are working Bucks along with four large air tankers and the VLAT (very large air tanker). The latter fills up at McClellan in Sacramento. There are many engines and hand crews working the fire as well. Forest Service reports that the fire is close to the “burn period” — that portion of the day when temperatures are hottest, winds pick up and humidity drops. A Type 2 Incident Management Team arrives tonight and fire camp is being established at the fairgrounds.

11:40 a.m. update: This is a topographical map of the fire’s footprint.

9:23 update: The Forest Service has been publishing regular updates on Facebook but advises that individuals who don’t use Facebook can visit inciweb.nwcg.gov and look for #MinervaFire.

8:40 update: The Forest Service is estimating the fire to be at 700 acres this morning. The focus today is to keep the fire south of Watershed Road (24N20) and west of the 2421 Road. Helicopters, airtankers and scoopers will be used as well as a very large air tanker. Fire activity is expected to increase this afternoon. Continue to be prepared. See www.ReadyforWildfire.org for tips on how to do that.

8:22 a.m. update: In response to a number of inquiries, Sheriff Greg Hagwood is asking the public to remain vigilant and report any unusual activity – such as cars parked where they shouldn’t be. He reports that there were a number of suspicious fire starts in the past 24 hours including two on Big Creek Road last night. Contrary to some rumors, no suspect has been arrested.

7:15 a.m. update: According to the Forest Service, cooler night temperatures and calmer winds kept the Minerva Fire activity moderated through the night. The fire is in the west fork of the Mill Creek drainage, but has not crossed Watershed Road. Structure fire protection will continue throughout the day. The attack will continue from the air and on the ground. A base camp will be established at the fairgrounds.

6:30 a.m. Sunday, July 30: Firefighters patrolled Quincy throughout the night ready to provide structure fire protection. At this time the Forest Service is gathering data and assessing the situation. This site will be updated as soon as that information is available. In the meantime, Sheriff Greg Hagwood encourages residents to prepare for evacuation if that step becomes necessary.

38 thoughts on “Minerva Fire-day two

  • Can I get to Quincy on 70 to get to Bucks lake

      • Yes, it is open.

        • We are going into a hot spell this coming week so pray for no winds and containment!

    • yes as far as I know is that coming up from the valley? and had friends returning to Bucks Lake last night . As far as route 70 Ca. being open call highway patrol to confirm they have a number with a recording for that.

  • Keep up the good work

  • Have tried several times to sign up for alerts. Someone needs to tell Plumas National Forestry that everyone doesn’t use Facebook for information. You need a Calfire station up here. Little info for us Meadow Valley residents.

    • Cal fire isn’t the protecting agency for most forest lands in Plumas County and definitely not the end all in fire protection and information. Yes the Plumas National Forest, USFS, could do a better job of disseminating information, but folks need to use the sources of information that is available. Obviously you have a computer, try, http://www.inciweb.nwcg.gov. Information there will be as good as the updates that are put into the system, same as anywhere else.

      • If this fire has an Incident Command Team, there will be a public information team, with a lot more outreach to the local communities. They just gotta get it set up. Expect to see info boards, maps, updates on tV & radio, etc.

    • Inciweb.nwcg.gov

    • CalFire?
      Give me a break. Too long of a trail of corruption, high cost and lack of efficiency. Oh, and like that fire tax do you?

      I’d say CalFire should stay somewhere else.

  • I’m praying for all the fire fighters, for Greg Haywood and the town of Quincy! If this is from the arsonist, how can we help catch this sick human being?

  • Is Watershed Road the same road as Peppard Flat Road?

    • Checking for you

    • Watershed is 24N20

  • Thanks, because all I see on Google Maps is Peppard Flat Road alongside Mill Creek.

    • 24N20 Road, also known as Watershed Road. Looking at the map it runs along the south side of Quincy behind Claremont, but I am waiting for confirmation as to its relationship to Peppard Flat Road.

  • Has the suspect been caught or do were need to keep our eyes peeled for new fire starts today? Very important to know and there has been no information about that…

    • Just spoke with Sheriff Greg Hagwood. There have been a number of suspicious fire starts in the past 24 hours including two on Big Creek Road near Lower Bucks last night. No suspect has been arrested, but the sheriff is asking the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to 530-283-6300 or 530-283-7838.

      • Thank you for the information. We need to find this sicko.

  • Oh I see now, Road 24N20 connects to next to or on Peppard Flat Road on the West side. That is also where Peppard Flat Road winds itself back to Quincy. Thanks!

  • Peppard flat is not the water shed road. Critical time today will be between about 2pm to 6pm. Calm wind predicted so upslope wind will slow down hill spread into Quincy. If they can keep fire south of 24N20 then Mill Creek will be the primary issue. From the only map I have seen published the fire has not crossed Claitmont (that map needs updating). If that should happen it will be into the Middle Fork of the Feather River.

  • I stand corrected, the Water Shed road is the Peppard flat road AKA the forest road 24N20, though the Peppard Flat road does not go to Peppard flat which is accessed off of the Thompson creek road. Just one of those “map” things I guess.

  • Plumas Co needs to get Nixle for Alerts on fires and any other disasters…If Plumas Co had it, you would get Text and or emails Alerts… Nixle.com

  • The website noted on the 9:23 AM update is not live.

  • Not every one has access to the internet. We need a good reliable phone number to receive updated recorded information. We have a rapid emergency notification service called CodeRED system that does a good job notifying those that have chosen to register of urgent information. We do not need to draw resources away from the immediate situation to keep updating the internet. When disaster hits the internet is not stable enough to rely on for information. But this is not the venue for this discussion, IMO.

    • All the agencies down here in the Truckee/Tahoe region use Nixle. Nixle sends out text and email alerts.

    • It has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience…

    • that happens to me too. Just google inciweb and a different address pops up, try that one

  • The YouTube account associated with the video posted at 4:00 has been terminated so no one is going to be able to see that video unless someone posts that video to another account and rel-inks it to another account. Have fun…….

    • The YouTube account is working. Enjoy the video.

  • Thanks for the info, we will be traveling 1 August to our summer residence in the Q and this info give us peace of mind thank you.

  • You are all doing a great job! Stay safe out there.

  • Thank you to my son Dean Laroski & all the Quincy Fire department & all the other firefighters for all your doing to save our beautiful town of Quincy….you are all amazing!!!

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