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More nurses set to train in Plumas County

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors and Feather River College administrators have come together to offer student nurses more opportunities right here at home.

FRC President Kevin Trutna was before supervisors June 18 offering the county, its residents and potential student nurses a positive program.

Trutna explained that several attempts to provide additional education opportunities to student nurses haven’t worked out in the past.

This grant opportunity offered only to Plumas County residents should fill a gap without requiring students to spend large amounts of time and money in Butte County for additional training.

In a resolution it was outlined that the Butte College Registered Nursing Program was seeking to expand its program by 12 students beginning next summer.

Those targeted for the opportunities include current paramedics and licensed vocational nurses that want to obtain an associate degree in registered nursing.

FRC provides the classroom teaching space, simulation laboratory, technology support, and assistance with student counseling and advising, according to Trutna.

FRC also partners with the three hospitals in Plumas County and with caregivers. These provide limited clinical experience to meet program requirements, he continued in the resolution.

“Feather River College acknowledges that the expansion will not displace any students from local facilities,” Trutna explained.

“It’s difficult to get RNs in rural areas,” Trutna added and this is a start in that direction. The partnership is what Trutna called a job ladder toward more advanced medical degrees, including becoming a registered nurse.

This new partnership helps to address healthcare needs in small rural counties in Northern California. It allows paramedics and LVNs to advance without relocating, except for a short time to Butte County for specific studies.

Trutna said the partnership also includes assistance from the Alliance for Work program. That agency is providing transportation to students to Chico for the three to four days of clinicals that can’t be handled at FRC.

Supervisor Michael Sanchez asked Trutna how many people are interested in this opportunity.

Trutna said there are 40 on the interested list, but that number will be scaled down.

The resolution called for a role call vote that was unanimous.

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