Mortuary finds Veterans Markers and seeks public’s assistance

Larry Blair, the owner of Blair Mortuary, discovered what appears to be Veterans Markers that were never placed on graves at the monument company in Greenville.  He wants to give the markers to the family or friends of the individuals who have died. Anyone with information is asked to contact Blair Mortuary in Quincy at 530-283-9106.

Following are the names on the individual markers: Robert L. Fricke, Merrill Owen Halvorson, Frank Richard Marion, Dwight Ellis Wasco, Donald E, Krafft, Cyril Ernest Bassett, William Dave Kirby, Robert & Jane W. Trombly, Willard C. Abernethy, Vernon Anderson, Larry Nathan Roberts, Lee R. Thornton, David J. Edson, Earl Herbert Williams, Grove William Hoover, James E. Garrett, Robert L. Stockton, Robert S. Thomas, William Ernest Smith, James L. Wolford, Robert A. Holmes, Shirley V. Peterson, Clyde L. Mattoon, Wayne Russell Davis, Leonard H.A. Franz, James William Potter, Nicholas C. Colet.