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Quinlee Newman, Mister Brown, Ella Brown, and Brook Kingdon after the assembly Thursday night, where children of all ages gained tools to help them lead a positive life. Photo by Andrea Singer

Motivational speaker comes to Greenville to help children move forward in a positive direction

By Andrea Singer

[email protected]

Mister Brown (his professional name)  is a motivational speaker from Redding who has visited Plumas County before — meeting with the staff members at Quincy High School to share his philosophy and to start the school year in a positive light. Thursday night, April 27, he came to the Greenville Elementary cafeteria to help community members of all ages make positive choices. The cafeteria was packed with families coming to enjoy a game night, learn skills that will set them up for success in their future, and enjoy a free dinner provided by the GHS culinary class and leadership program( a delicious nacho dinner and a brownie desert). 

In a community where fire has devastated many people’s lives, proving that circumstances out of one’s control are inevitable, Mister Brown feels it is all the more important to learn skills to not only cope, but to take control of the hand you are dealt and make the best of your situation. Brown wants kids and adults alike to know, “You have the power of choice. You may not be able to choose your circumstances, but you can choose how you respond, and there is power in that. In a culture where victim mindsets are prevalent, learning to recognize how you feel and making better choices knowing that feelings are fluid and are ever changing is huge. It’s important to know the choices you make today can alter your future in big ways and taking control of decision making by choosing a positive attitude can lead to a successful life.”

The community responded positively to the assembly, leaving with smiles and tools that will help both students and parents lead a successful lives. 

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