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Mountain bike team ice cream fundraiser to benefit businesses hit by fire

The Lost Sierra Composite Mountain Bike Team is hosting an ice cream “anti-social” fundraiser — it was originally intended to support the mountain bike team, but now all proceeds will be donated to benefit the three businesses/organizations in Quincy impacted by the July 29 fire: Quintopia, West End Theatre and Plumas County Intervention Resource Center.

“We want to give back to the businesses that have supported us since we started,” said Debbie Collette, a team member. It’s $10 for an ice cream bowl and 100 percent of the proceeds (minus a small fee from Eventbrite) will go to the businesses. The Toy Store will be serving ice cream in masks and gloves.

Purchase a ticket for an ice cream bowl in advance by going to  anti-ice cream social tickets . Tickets can be redeemed during The Toy Store’s regular hours on Aug. 14 and 15. Each ticket is $10. You will need to print your receipt and give to The Toy Store when redeeming your ticket for your Ice Cream Sundae.

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