The Murphy Fire currently burning in the Feather River Canyon between Rock Creek and Belden has prompted the Forest Service to set up an incident camp on Grey’s Flat in Twain. Photo by Will Farris

Murphy Fire Day 3

By Will Farris

Concerns for a predicted increase in local winds at 2 p.m. today, caused a type 2 fire team to set up on Grays Flat in Twain. Normally a team of this size would not be formed for a fire that, so far, has only involved 117 acres, but history has prompted a number of precautions. A red flag warning is in place until 11 p.m. Saturday.

There are five helicopters working the fire along with three dozers. Firefighters are constructing fireline on the active fire’s edge and will continue work on contingency lines. Structure protection is in place along the highway. Hot Shot crews have climbed the treacherous terrain to reach the top and right flank of this fire.

Highway 70 is open, but the Pacific Crest Trail between Belden and Highway 36 remains closed. The music festival planned this weekend in Belden is proceeding as scheduled thus far.



7 thoughts on “Murphy Fire Day 3

  • Safety First !
    Thanks for your efforts !

  • I was really surprised that the Music Festival will continue as planned. I guess all the music will be a welcome relief to the fire fighters, after listening to the fire noise for hours on end. God Bless them all.

  • Thanks so much for jumping on this so quickly.

  • Thank you fire fighters!

  • We drove past the fire area late last night and the glow from the Hot Spots were scary. Thank you everyone for being pro active!

    We saw many fire fighters and lots of heavy equipment.

    Again, thank you everyone for doing such a dangerous, but necessary job.

    God Bless!!! We are residents of Greenville.

  • We are so lucky to have the fire suport we have with so many bigger fires already burning. Thank you to the firefighters and to their families that make a sacrifice also.

  • Thanks firefighters! Thanks Will! Your right I remember last time with the chipsp fire. They thought it was good then the next day we had voluntary evacuations on rush creek. Yr neighbor

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