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New board members and provider at Seneca

Many people who use the Lake Almanor Clinic will recognize the face of Maureen Breeze. She was a locum (temporary) provider last summer and has agreed to return to run the walk-in clinic as a permanent provider. She specializes in urgent care medicine and tick-borne diseases. Photo Submitted

Seneca Healthcare District Board President Dana Seandel opened the Dec. 16 meeting with an official welcome to new board members (trustees) Jerri Nielsen and Kenneth Crandall as they assumed their newly elected positions.

Following the October and November financials reported by Finance Director Charlene Slusher, Chief Financial Officer Jon Marshall presented a financial overview designed primarily as an orientation for the board members.

The information included performance improvements in the financial health and structure of the hospital compared to 2013 figures in areas including income, balance sheets and key benchmark ratios.

He also offered suggestions on cost savings with the use of a Group Purchasing Organization and a three-year debt payoff proposal.

In other news, Maureen Breeze, family nurse practitioner, has returned to Seneca. Breeze was a locum (temporary) provider last summer.

She has now returned to Seneca’s Lake Almanor Clinic as a permanent provider and will be running the walk-in clinic.

Breeze grew up in Pennsylvania, but has spent most of her adult life in Oregon and California.

She graduated from Oregon Health Science in 1996 as a family nurse practitioner.

Breeze worked in that role in Portland for 10 years before moving to Trinity County in California where she worked with her husband for another 10 years.

Her specialty is urgent care medicine and tick-borne diseases.

She and her husband recently relocated to the Chico area where her husband is now retired.

The board also unanimously approved two resolutions in recognition of the dedicated service of outgoing trustees Roberta Carlson and Bill Howe.

President Seandel said their wise counsel and unwavering support of SHD would be missed.

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