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New bus stops coming to Quincy

This map depicts locations for the new bus stops that are being readied in Quincy.

John Mannle, assistant director of Plumas County Public Works, estimated that two new bus stops located adjacent to the Plumas Pines Shopping Center in Quincy would be ready for public use by the end of September.

The Public Works Department poured concrete slabs for the new bus stops during the week of Aug. 21. Mannle said it takes 14 days for the concrete slabs to cure so that mounting bolts can be installed.

Mannle said in an interview on Aug. 28 that the new bus stops would be installed on both sides of Main Street/Highway 70, just west of the Quincy Junction Road intersection.

Previously, buses stopped in front of Safeway within the shopping center parking lot. These bus stops were removed in 2016 and riders currently have to stand next to the highway to wait for a bus.

On June 6, Macy Peay, observing a Board of Supervisors’ meeting with her class from Quincy Elementary School, informed the board that she had noticed that bus passengers in front of the Safeway in Quincy didn’t have a bus stop to wait in. Macy said that those waiting for a bus had no protection from the weather and had to sit on the curb. She reported that this problem had gone on for months and noted that the weather was getting hotter.

Mannle said that the county had to wait until June before an engineer could be freed up from working on storm damage to work on the bus stops. The ground also had to dry out from winter rains before the concrete slabs could be laid.

The county is saving money by utilizing a previously purchased bus stop and a matching bus stop removed from Portola where it was no longer needed.

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