New day, new location for farmers market

The Quincy Farmers Market will open for the season Sunday, June 30.

That’s right — Sunday.

The hours are also changing, from early evening to daytime: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also, there’s a new location. It will be on a lot off of Highway 70/Crescent Street next to the Chevron gas station.

Elizabeth Hauner and her husband, Nick Polzak, own the property and decided to revive the farmers market after the Quincy Coop announced that it would no longer coordinate the event.

Hauner said they had been prepared to do it on their own, but have partnered with the Community Action Agency. “It’s going to be a good partnership,” she said.

Hauner also said that the focus of the market will be on providing fresh produce. In recent years, the number of booths offering fruits and vegetables has dwindled, while the focus on other areas has grown.

She hopes that the new Sunday market will make it possible for more farmers to bring their goods to Quincy.

The market will run from June 30 through Sept. 15.