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New fair exhibitor guide hits the presses

One of the most widely read books in Plumas and Sierra counties, besides the phone book, is the annual County Fair Exhibit Guide. The guide lists the many different categories and classes one can enter his or her handiwork for competition.

The very basic reason for the modern fair is a chance for a community member to show off what they have raised, made or grown. Better yet, to have their entry judged as better than their neighbor’s down the road. The motive to compete lives on.

The theme for this year’s fair is “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” and the cover of this year’s exhibit guide shows that design in full color. In keeping with this year’s theme, there are special categories in different areas.

The floriculture building will have a special Shadow Box competition, where you can show some of your neighborhood memories.

The Art Barn has added Welcome to the Neighborhood photography classes where you can enter a photograph of people extending a welcoming hand to those who are new or forgotten in their community.

Finally, the Home Arts building is hosting a potluck competition. Bring your favorite “go to” potluck dish to be judged by a panel of potluck experts, which will probably include the fair manager.

Also, the Family and Organization Gardens will be hosting a People’s Choice award. Anyone can vote for his or her favorite garden in the floriculture building.

Residents will find the general rules governing entries in the guide. They will also find a preliminary schedule of the fair, contact information and deadlines for entries, and rules for judging and picking up entries after the fair.

Major sections include Home Arts, Floriculture, Art Barn and Livestock. Each section has different divisions. For example, the Art Barn has divisions for amateur photography and professional photography. Those divisions are then broken down into classes, such as sports, children and even last year’s fair.

The Exhibit Guide covers how to prepare entries and when to bring them to the fairgrounds. Most entries cost only $2. Those who are judged as the best are awarded ribbons and sometimes, cash.

All entry forms, except for livestock and floriculture, are due July 13. The actual entries are dropped off in the days before the fair and those dates are listed in the guide.

The Plumas-Sierra County Fair has followed many fairs that have published their exhibit guides online, saving thousands of dollars and many trees. The 2018 fair guide is now available on the fair website at plumas-sierracountyfair.net.

Understanding that many Plumas and Sierra residents still have only dial-up for their internet service, the guide has been broken down into smaller sections for quicker download.

Entry forms for still exhibits, livestock and the horse show are available on the website.

A limited number of guides have been printed and distributed to community libraries and branches of Plumas Bank. Copies are also available at the fair office and fair staff is happy to print out specific sections of the guide for anyone who requests it.

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