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New nonprofit in the works for performing artists and groups

Musician Colin Dillingham played trumpet in the High Sierra Community Orchestra’s 17th annual Spring Concert June 2 in Quincy. He was one of the first people at the show to sign the interest list to support the proposed new Plumas Performing Arts nonprofit organization. Photo by Roni Java

Midway through the crowd pleasing 17th annual Spring Concert presented June 2 by the High Sierra Community Orchestra at Quincy’s West End Theatre, saxophone player and guest conductor for the evening Tristan McMichael made a special announcement.

Plumas County may soon have a new nonprofit organization dedicated specifically to the support of performing arts, including music education and entities such as the community orchestra, a local favorite long overseen by Conductor Johnene McDonald.

McMichael is a musician and student at Quincy Junior-Senior High. He is noted for his ambitious efforts to aide music education throughout Plumas County, raising funds for instruments, music and repairs to help other students participate in band studies at their K-6 and 7-12 school sites.

Gesturing across the stage to fellow community supporter Marty Walters, who served as concertmistress and first violinist for the performance, McMichael said the two are working to launch Plumas Performing Arts (PPA), a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

“Plumas Performing Arts was an idea that originated with Marty and I,” he told the full-house crowd. “Our goal with this organization is to strengthen performing arts at all levels throughout the community. We also want performing arts to be more accessible throughout the county.”

Applause followed the announcement and guests were directed to sign-up sheets for an early opportunity to support the effort and receive updates.

Interviewed after the concert, Walters and McMichael described a need they see and want to fill locally.

Both are accomplished musicians and believe a nonprofit organization dedicated specifically to the performing arts would be an asset in Plumas County as an additional avenue of assistance for music education, performance opportunities and more.

They envision the PPA helping to fund ensembles, bolster high school music programs and encourage amateur musicians to pursue music studies and performance countywide.

“We are currently in the process of making our founding documents and working toward getting our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status,” McMichael said. “We are looking for people countywide who are interested in learning more about the organization, becoming members, volunteering at events, serving on the board or receiving support themselves.”

According to Walters and McMichael, the mission and purpose of the proposed PPA organization emphasizes supporting excellence in performing arts awareness and education. The mission statement also focuses on support for amateur performing arts in the community and professional performing arts educators.

The statement declares, “We devote ourselves to providing positive and creative outlets for our communities that help enhance our performers’ abilities. Our goal is to create a life cycle of arts education and performance that embraces all levels and interests in Plumas County.”

Plumas Performing Arts

Volunteers and supporters are encouraged to join the interest list for the proposed Plumas Performing Arts nonprofit organization. Many opportunities are available, including membership and serving on the proposed board.

Musicians, other performing artists and interested community members are welcome to learn more about the PPA by contacting:

Marty Walters or

Tristan McMichael

[email protected]

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