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Warm fires and plenty of holiday lights are always a major focal point as businesses prepare for the Chester Merchants Open House. Feather Publishing file photo by Gregg Scott

No Black Friday for Chester

In most places across the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Friday — how depressing!

One popular explanation regarding the origin of Black Friday is that it was the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving because the volume of shoppers created traffic jams and accidents and sometimes even violent confrontations between customers. That is a black day.

In the 1950s, people even began calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving to give themselves a four-day weekend to shop.

Thank heaven for small town lifestyles. In Chester, the day after Thanksgiving is referred to as the Chester Merchants Open House and there is nothing black about it.

Some 16 merchants opened their doors from 5 to 9 p.m. for an evening of hospitality, warming fires, appetizers, holiday beverages and, of course, store specials.

Even though the weather was not what you would call perfect for the occasion, there was no lack of local folks and visitors strolling through town to visit the shops, play catch-up with neighbors and try out the wonderful holiday treats featured at each location.

Santa even took some time from his busy schedule to stop by and collect some more wishes from those on his nice list.

Warm fires, warm wishes, warm food and lots of holiday lights — No Black Friday here!

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