No Tobin fire; air resources canceled

The Forest Service is reporting that air resources have been canceled for the fire reported to be near Tobin/Jackass Creek earlier this evening. The reports of smoke were due to fires from the west.

The vehicle fire reported at about the same time was extinguished and did not spread to the surrounding area. It received a quick response from the Forest Service and the local fire departments.

2 thoughts on “No Tobin fire; air resources canceled

  • There was obvious smoke from a fresh fire, whether it was from the vehicle fire or not, the smoke was not from the larger fires to the west. It would still be lingering if it was. Soo..

  • The Forest Service flew a helicopter and an air attack platform over the entire area. There was no new fire down the canyon. It is really obnoxious when people act like they are knowledgeable about wildland fire even though they haven’t spent a single day ever fighting fire. Air attack even said on the radio that the smoke WAS from the larger fires to the west. The Forest Service around here is pretty darn good at quickly detecting and quickly suppressing fire. Soo…Stop acting like you know what you are talking about. Let the professionals be the ones to tell us about the fires and the smoke.

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