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November Weather Recap

Moisture finally arrived in the Lake Almanor basin in late November. And so did winter!

Most of the month was considerably warmer than average, but that all changed abruptly during the last week of November when our high temperatures plummeted and snow arrived without the customary rainfall appetizer.

Taking the month in total, our average high temperature was nearly eight degrees warmer than the norm, while our average low temperature was nearly four degrees cooler than the long-term average.

Our peak temperature was 71 degrees, while our lowest low was 12 degrees (on the 29th).

Snow started falling on the 26th and continued through the end of the month, depositing some 14 inches of snow on the west shore area. That amount is a bit above our average snowfall accumulation for this point in the season.

However, our total precipitation figures are a work in progress at this time. That 14 inches of snowfall should have added something in the vicinity of an inch or so of water content to our prior figure, but technical issues with local sensors have blocked the posting of an official total.

We’ll have to wait a bit while those issues are resolved. Suffice to say that we’re simply happy to have some much needed moisture to reduce local fire hazards and perk up our vegetation.

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