Oct. 18 North Complex Fire: Few changes to report

This has become a familiar refrain: The North Complex Fire, which has been burning since Aug. 17 after being ignited by lightning strikes remains at 318,930 acres and 94 percent contained.

Fire crews continue to find hotspots and extinguish them while performing fire suppression repair work. Fire suppression repair is a series of actions taken to repair damages and minimize potential soil erosion and impacts resulting from firefighting activities.

The hotspots that have been identified lately by infrared imaging and patrols are located well within the fire containment area. All areas of the burn area are getting attention to ensure full fire suppression and repair

The weather is improving. Current patterns include diurnal (terrain driven) winds, warmer weather, and dry conditions. Wind is expected to be in the 6-10 mile per hour range with day time highs in the 70 degree range.  Air quality is expected to remain good for the coming days.


Forest closures remain in effect and hazardous conditions still exist. The public is asked to stay out of forest closure areas, as interference with fire suppression could delay or impede firefighting efforts. Law enforcement will be patrolling the area.

Residents in the La Porte and Bucks Lake areas are asked to use caution as fire personnel are still working in the area. Drive carefully and watch for fire equipment.

Operational briefings will be posted to the Plumas National Forest Facebook Page every other day at www.facebook.com/USFSPlumas Team Planning meetings (daily at 6 p.m.) and will be available to watch via Zoom (https://usfs.zoomgov.com/j/1602646317).