Oct. 27 North Complex Fire: Despite winds, containment holding at 96 percent

Despite being on the third day of a Red Flag Warning, the North Complex Fire’s containment is holding at 96 percent.

Winds  are expected today until around 5 p.m., but are not expected to break containment lines and should subside as the day goes on. Vegetation in the fire area remains very dry. To prevent a new fire, firefighters ask people to please use caution and avoid activities that may cause sparks, flame or heat. There is no precipitation in the foreseeable forecast.

Firefighters continue to monitor for flare-ups seen within the interior of the burn. Resource Advisors are teamed with firefighters to identify wildlife habitat and cultural resources, and also to mitigate hazards during repair of suppression impacts to the land. Suppression repair work is focused along the southeastern border of the fire line.

Only a portion of the Plumas National Forest is closed due to the fire. Four fifths of the Forest is open for recreation. In the areas of Forest closures, Forest Service roads and campgrounds are closed. Burned trees, smoldering stump holes, heavy equipment being moved around the fire area are some of the immediate public safety issues in the closed burn area. Longer term hazards include landslides and flash flooding caused by erosion or suppression activities not yet repaired in the closure area can lead to serious injury or death without warning. Law enforcement will be patrolling the area. Please use caution as fire personnel continue working in the area. Drive carefully and watch for fire equipment. Watch your speed and also be aware of the logging trucks around La Porte Road.


Plumas National Forest Closure:
There is a Plumas National Forest closure in effect for the fire perimeter and surrounding areas; please check https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/plumas/alerts-notices

The North Complex Fire grew from the Claremont and Bear fires that were ignited by lightning strikes Aug. 17 and eventually merged.