Once in a lifetime trip with the Chester Progressive

Certain trips are referred to as once-in-a-lifetime because they are so great they are impossible to describe. This photo of Gregg and Shelly Stelzner on March 9 on the Grande Princess cruise ship in the Pacific was actually a midpoint in their adventure. It turns out that their 15-day S.F. to Hawaii cruise scheduled from Feb. 21 to March 7 was a little longer. After the announcement of a potential COVID-19 case on board while they were on the return leg, the ship was rerouted to the Port of Oakland. After disembarking March 10 they were transported to a mandated quarantine at Travis AFB where they stayed until March 23. Testing negative for the virus they finally were able to return home healthy to remember a once-in-a-lifetime trip for another reason. Next time you travel, share where you went by taking your local newspaper along and including it in a photo. Then email the photo to [email protected] Photo submitted