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Oroville man found guilty in felony jury trial for burglary

A 57-year-old Oroville resident was found guilty of first-degree residential burglary, and felony counts of possession of methamphetamine with a firearm.

During a two-day jury trial in Plumas County Superior Court, the jury also found that Victor Brodie was armed with a firearm during the commission of the burglary. The trial ended Feb. 5.

He is scheduled for sentencing March 20.

It was Aug. 8, 2019, when law enforcement found Brodie inside a residence in La Porte. He had broken into the home the day prior.

Law enforcement was alerted after the homeowner observed the burglary through a surveillance system, said District Attorney David Hollister.

Officers from Yuba and Plumas counties were dispatched to the scene where they were able to apprehend Brodie without incident.

Upon arrest, Brodie was found in possession of methamphetamine and a loaded firearm.

Hollister extended his appreciation to Deputy District Attorney Kelly Styger for her excellent work in preparing and presenting the case to the jury. He also recognized Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Gott, Sgt. Jeremy Beatley and Det. Kris Frazier for their work during the investigation and at trial.

The district attorney also extended his appreciation to the homeowner for her patience and support during the prosecution, as well as to the jury for their attentiveness and thoughtfulness in reaching their verdict.

“Burglaries of seasonal homes in Plumas County have been an ongoing problem,” Hollister said. “The fact this defendant was armed with a loaded handgun during this burglary heightens the danger this type of crime presents to our county and demands the serious response it received.”

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