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Pachuca Productions adapts new season for COVID-19

By Meg Upton

Special to Plumas News

[email protected]

It isn’t the season they’d plan to have for the sixth year of Pachuca Productions, the Quincy-based theatre troupe “bringing original and relevant theatre” to the county.

“We’re rising to the challenge to come up with new ways to do theatre. Just sitting at home is driving us crazy,” said co-founder Tina Terrazas.

Originally for the 2020-2021 season there were to be extensive fundraiser one-off shows every month leading up to a week of performances of the Luis Valdez classic “Zoot Suit” in the spring of 2021. That’s not going to happen this year.

“We’re still planning to do the show but it won’t be this year,” said Terrazas.

This fall, the troupe will be running their annual Halloween vaudeville show “Spooky Vaudeville 4” as a video to be dropped online on Halloween. The troupe is currently looking for acts to be part of the show which will be recorded at an empty theatre with only one act at a time on stage and a film crew. Terrazas, along with theatre partner Margaret Elysia Garcia, will be hosting two hours of the show that was formerly housed at the now defunct Main Street Lounge.

“We will have an hour of student performers, then a break, then an hour of our regular adult troupe performers. We’ll be recording in mid-October,” said Garcia.

Plumas County residents—are encouraged to email us at [email protected] for more information or to send videos for the show. Students are instructed to talk to their drama teachers who have been notified about the show, but are also welcomed to talk with the producers directly.

The Internet based show will have a donation button in lieu of buying tickets. Half of all donations will go to help rebuild and restock West End Theatre’s costume shop.

The biggest change this season is creating Las Pachucas Films. Before the death of George Floyd the founders of Pachuca Productions had been thinking about race in rural California. Then a series of events during the last school year in Quincy, got the conversation going on what it’s like to raise ethnic minority children in the county. “We knew what the subject of our first documentary would be: Living in Plumas County while being a person of color or LGBTQ,” said Garcia.

“We’ve been interviewing people off and on since mid-July and will continue through October. We hope to get interviews from all over the county,” said Terrazas.

The project will be edited in the spring and will eventually be shown at the Town Hall Theatre when it reopens as well as being shopped to various festivals.

Las Pachuca Films is accepting donations for this project too and has applied for grant funding.

“We are committed to providing film and artistic experiences to young people eager to learn film skills since there are no film programs in areas schools,” said Garcia. Las Pachucas is also welcoming students to take videos of each other talking about their experiences living in Plumas County to send in as well. There is a sheet of questions Las Pachucas gives out as a guide.

“It’s really been an eye opening experience. We’ve laughed and cried as people have told us their stories. It’s been a cathartic experience for all involved.”

Anyone wishing to be interviewed should call Tina Terrazas at (530) 927-8222 or Margaret Elysia Garcia at (714) 746-4093.

Pachuca Productions is up in the air about whether to have another Tropical Christmas Revue and where to host it.

In the spring, Pachuca Productions will produce a small cast original play called “Vagabonds” about dealing with mental illness in families starring Tina Terrazas, Kimberly Carroll, Lance Barker, Patrick Parks, Margaret Elysia Garcia and Michelle Black. The play will be available on the Pachuca Productions website and facebook page.

“We welcome community members to join the troupe at any time, and we look forward to this very unusual season,” said Terrazas.




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