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Panel on water uses in the North Fork

The Caribou Powerhouse, located on the North Fork Feather River. Learn about hydropower, wildlife and recreation Wednesday, March 13, at 7 p.m., at the West End Theatre. “Striking A Balance” is the first event of the Spring Sustainability Series hosted by the Feather River College Sustainability Action Team. Photo by Darla DeRuiter

Hydropower. Agriculture. Wildlife habitat. Class V kayaking. Transportation. The North Fork Feather River provides so much for so many.

Feather River water use is the topic of a panel discussion at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, at the West End Theatre on the corner of Crescent and Main streets in Quincy. Kelby Gardiner; Hydrologist and member of Feather River College’s Sustainability Action Team will moderate the discussion.

The event is titled “Striking a Balance: Feather River Water Uses.” Panelists will tackle questions about the water development of the North Fork and how dams, diversions and reservoirs have affected wildlife like the grebes on Lake Almanor, frogs in the canyon and whitewater recreation.

The evening will begin with a short film by expert kayaker Ben Stookesberry about the first descent of Grizzly Creek. Historical footage and background of the North Fork Canyon and stunning whitewater paddling of this canyon tributary provide context for the discussion.

“Whether you paddle a boat, wield binoculars, or just want to stay informed on the status of our river currents and the animals that depend on them, this evening is sure to pique your interest,” says Gardiner.

Panelists include Lindsay Wood, executive director of Plumas Audubon Society; Colin Dillingham, Plumas National Forest wildlife biologist; and Dave Steindorf, special projects director with American Whitewater. All three have extensive experience with water management issues and are specialists in Western and Clark’s grebes (Wood), foothill yellow-legged frogs (Dillingham), and recreational water flow studies (Steindorf).

Audience members are encouraged to come with questions about the water management of the North Fork Feather River for panel members. The evening is expected to be inspirational and informative.

It is the first in the Spring Sustainability series, hosted by the FRC Sustainability Action Team. The event was originally scheduled in February, but was postponed due to bad weather.

The event is free. Food, beer and refreshments will be available through Quintopia Brewing Co. beforehand.

For more information, contact Darla DeRuiter at dderuiter@frc.edu.

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