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Marchers took to the sidewalks in Quincy on Saturday, April 29, to raise awareness about climate change. The Plumas County march was part of a nationwide effort, including a march in Washington D.C. Photos by Steve Wathen

Parading for climate change

Marty Walters, chief environmental risk officer for CIT Bank, spoke to participants before the Climate March in Quincy on April 29. Walters lives in Quincy and is a probable candidate for U.S. Congress for District 1.

3 thoughts on “Parading for climate change

  • I don’t think anyone disputes that we are undergoing climate change. It’s been happening well before humans occupied the planet and will continue long after we’re gone. It’s my opinion that blaming humans for causing the change is being blown way out of proportion. That being said, we should still clean up after ourselves.

  • that’s funny just last week they were for real science

    • we need a bit of warming & carbon, food is kind of important/
      if you’ld like to see unadjusted data goto wunderground, input zip, pick local, click on history, custom, pick dates, & you will see for the last 16 years, we’ve been losing growing days ie. cooling. screen pic before they adjust. the good news this year we’re on tract to get a bit of growing time back + some water,,, win win

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