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IVA students lead IVES students in games during the afternoon of Pay It Forward Day on April 27. Photos submitted

‘Pay it Forward’ day pays off

Junior high students help IVES teachers organize the open house and science fair by spending time with the students and playing games with them, allowing the teachers to work in the classrooms.

The last Thursday in April is International Pay It Forward Day, and as such, social and emotional learning teacher Ginger Gramm decided her Indian Valley Academy seventh- and eighth-graders should participate in “paying it forward.”

For the uninitiated, paying it forward simply means to do something helpful and/or needed for someone else without the expectation of something in return.

After viewing the 2000 film “Pay It Forward,” students then participated in paying it forward by coming up with ideas and then putting them into action.

They gave short presentations in all of the Indian Valley Elementary school classrooms and then took the students outside to play games so the teachers could get ready for their open house and science fair.

At the end of their time together, IVA students handed out Pay It Forward tickets to the IVES students in hopes to encourage them to also participate.

“We have a really good group of caring and respectful seventh- and eighth-graders this year. They have great ideas and compassionate hearts. There are some true leaders amongst them who care about making the world a better place. It’s a pleasure to be working with them,” said Gramm.

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