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PDH explains the need for tree removal on its campus

Plumas District Hospital has been fielding many inquiries about some tree removal that is occurring on campus and released this statement to be shared with the public:

“The pine tree roots along the roadways have been destroying portions of our parking lot and pose a significant tripping hazard to our patients and staff. In preparation for a new parking lot later this year, we are moving forward with tree removal to mitigate this safety risk.

“Clearing these trees will also make room for the installation of a drainage system that will allow the hospital parking lot to adequately drain storm water and reduce the impact of localized flooding. Additionally, the large spruce tree’s roots have been infiltrating our hospital sewer lines causing frequent backups. This tree is not native to the property and poses an ongoing risk to critical infrastructure if it is not removed.

“Lastly, the removal of these trees enhances the protection of our hospital against the ongoing threat of wildfire. To further support that effort, PDH will be donating $500 to the Plumas County Fire Safe Council to assist with fire hazard mitigation measures. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we improve our infrastructure to better serve the community.”

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