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Incoming and outgoing officers gather for a picture during the annual volunteers luncheon hosted by Plumas District Hospital on June 1. Front row, from left: Joanne Kibbee, corresponding secretary; Sam Pence, president; Nancy Nicoles, treasurer; and Sheila Leonhardt, president elect. Back row, from left: Denise Pyper, assistant treasurer; Carlene Sedgwick, outgoing recording secretary; and Rita Christensen, outgoing president.

PDH honors volunteers

Plumas District Hospital volunteer Gloria Boland, left, presents the group’s annual scholarship to Erika Trueblood. Trueblood, who works as a licensed vocational nurse at PDH, has been accepted into the RN program at Butte College. Shown with Trueblood is her 7-year-old daughter Jemma. Photos by Debra Moore

The tables were turned on the Plumas District Hospital Volunteers on June 1, when the hospital hosted a luncheon in their honor and recognized their significant contributions.

But even in that setting the Volunteers weren’t content to be just the recipients, they presented their annual scholarship.

After enjoying a lunch featuring various salads made by Tiffany Leonhardt, the hospital’s patient experience manager, and Leann Kennedy, its community relations coordinator, Gloria Boland presented the scholarship to Quincy resident Erika Trueblood.

Trueblood accepted the award with her 7-year-old daughter Jemma in the audience, as well as her father, Merle Trueblood.

Erika is currently a licensed vocational nurse at Plumas District Hospital and has been accepted into the registered nurse program at Butte College. She acknowledged the transformation her life has taken in the past several years and thanked the group for their award.

Dr. Jeff Kepple, hospital CEO, told the Volunteers how grateful he was for their continued generosity, including their most recent purchase of a $38,000 piece of ultrasound equipment that was used in the emergency room the day after it arrived.

Funding for that equipment, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Volunteers have previously contributed, come primarily from the Bargain Boutique, the group’s thrift store, on Main Street in Quincy.

Leonhardt and Kennedy presented certificates to 31 women and one man, recognizing volunteer hours that ranged from 50 to 750 per year. The latter was awarded to De Brubaker who arrives at the store most mornings to work on the merchandise.   

“You make a difference in the lives of our patients every day,” Leonhardt told the volunteers.

With volunteer hours ranging from 50 to 750, Plumas District Hospital honored 31 women and one man for their work in the Bargain Boutique. Shown here are the five women who logged the most hours, from left: Mary Edwards, 400 hours; Rita Christensen, 350; Linda Hardy, 400; De Brubaker, 750; and Denise Pyper, 450.
Volunteer service hours

50 hours:

Tracy Ball

Linda Busselen

Bretta Hall

Brenda Lantow

Grace Lewis

Linda Little

Mary Miles

Sue Miller

Toni Ryan

Inge Stone

100 hours:

Gloria Boland

Ann Clemens

Christina Connolly

Kathy Cotter

Sue Harlan

Gayle Higgins

Linda Leonhardt

Barbara Vineyard

Linda Reid Wallace

150 hours:

Gayle Anderson

Nancy Nicoles

Carlene Sedgwick

Irene Walkemeyer

200 hours:

Marilyn Christensen

Sandra (Sam) Pence

Kathy Price

250 hours:

Sheila Leonhardt

350 hours:

Rita Christensen

400 hours:

Mary Edwards

Linda Hardy

450 hours:

Denise Pyper

700 hours:

De Brubaker

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