A peaceful protest was held June 5 in the area around the Plumas County courthouse. Photo by Roni Java

Peaceful protest held in Plumas

Plumas County joined the rest of the country in staging a peaceful protest in support of Black Lives Matter the evening of June 5. According to staff writer Roni Java, more than 150 people gathered in Quincy from the courthouse to Dame Shirley Plaza. “The whole thing was very peaceful,” Java said. “There was lots of support from passing honking cars and trucks.” The event was held from 4-6 p.m.; masks were plentiful and people tried to practice social distancing.

The event, organized on social media, sought to bring awareness to social justice in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Organizers said, “Wear a mask, bring a sign, and come stand with us.” They stressed that it was to be a peaceful protest.

During the June 9 Board of Supervisors meeting, Sheriff Todd Johns, commended those who organized and participated in the protest. “It was a very peaceful demonstration,” he said. Johns estimated that there were about 250 people at the event.

Photo by Roni Java
Photo by Roni Java