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Fire districts, like the PFPD, are required by the state to have all equipment certified on an annual basis. That includes every thing from fire engines to ladders to personal firefighting apparel. Thanks to the Peninsula Firemen’s Association and the Fire Sirens the Peninsula Fire Department was able to purchase several new sets of boots and helmets like the ones shown here as well as a new defibrillation unit for the ambulance. The defibrillator alone cost $35,000. Photo by Gregg Scott

PFPD welcomes new board member

The board meeting of the Peninsula Fire Protection District (PFPD) on Feb. 19 included several new and exciting items on the agenda.

The first action item was to administer the oath of office to new board member Kim Kimball who was appointed to the board to fill the open seat recently vacated by long serving member Lucy Moore.

Kimball noted she was looking forward to serving on the board in their continued efforts to support the men and women in the department.

Other good news included a report on the successful crab feed hosted by the Firemen’s Association on Jan. 25.

Between the dinner and drawing the association added approximately $4,200 to the funds they use to purchase equipment and firefighter apparel.

The association, in partnership with the Fire Sirens, recently purchased several sets of boots and helmets along with a $35,000 defibrillator unit for the ambulance. They are now looking forward to acquiring three new turnouts to replace the ones that are no longer certifiable.

Chief Gary Pini reported that the hardware for the soon to be installed emergency warning system has been delivered.

Installation is scheduled to begin in March as soon as an MOU can be reached with PG&E as to the location for the siren along Highway 147 on the East Shore. Ultimately there will be four siren locations; Peninsula Fire Station #1, Fire Station #2, Hamilton Branch Fire Station and a soon to be confirmed location toward the west end of East Shore.

Once installed the residents will be notified regarding test dates for the system.

Toward the end of the session the board elected officers for the upcoming year.

This years officers are President Nancy Foote, Vice President Patsy Roarty and Secretary Kim Kimball.

The entire board invites all residents of the district to come and join in at the monthly meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month.

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