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PG&E provides update on power outages UPDATED

12:30 p.m. UPDATE: PG&E is reporting that crews have restored power to about 1,700 of the 3,267 customers impacted in the Quincy area.  No cause has been identified, but restoration efforts continue. Plumas Sierra Rural Electric is reporting that power has been restored to most of its customers.

Original story: A spokesman for PG&E provided the most recent information available pertaining to the outages in Quincy and Chester.

As of 11 a.m. today, Dec. 14, PG&E crews are investigating the outage which began at about 8:40 a.m. today and is impacting 3,267 customers in Quincy, near the Greenville Wye and along Bucks Lake Road between Quincy and Bucks Lake.

This area is still being served by generators in Quincy, not transmission lines through the canyon, but the spokesman said there could be an issue with the distribution system.

There are also 300 customers in the Canyon Dam area who lost power late Monday night, as well as about 1,600 customers in the Chester area also out since late last night.  PG&E  continues to investigate and they appear to be weather-related outages.

Customers can visit www.pge.com/outages for outage information, or call 800-743-5002 to report an outage and to request updates on power restoration progreass.



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