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PG&E restores power to all virtually all Plumas customers impacted by Dixie

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today that virtually all of its customers in Plumas County that were affected by the Dixie Fire and can safely receive power have been restored.

As PG&E was allowed to access burn areas to assess and clear damage, crews have been either rebuilding damaged poles and power lines or installing temporary generation to restore service to customers until power lines can be rebuilt.

Temporary generation is being used to power Quincy, Chester and portions of Indian Valley while the company restores transmission power lines that serve substations in those communities. PG&E also used temporary generation for distribution lines to restore customers faster while it continues repairing poles and power lines.

PG&E cannot restore permanent electric services to damaged structures until they have been repaired or rebuilt, and the county building inspector or representative has approved PG&E to reestablish service.

The Dixie Fire damaged more than 1,000 utility poles, primarily in Plumas County but also in Butte County. In some locations, where PG&E is evaluating the feasibility of undergrounding power lines, much of the overhead rebuild is temporary but still built to standard.

PG&E is ready to help customers with temporary power for rebuilding structures or temporary uses like a recreational vehicle.  For eligible customers impacted by a wildfire, PG&E will connect and disconnect temporary electric service at no cost until a permanent electric meter is installed. Temporary power can be used throughout the construction process until a building is ready for permanent power or for temporary uses like a recreational vehicle.

Customers should work with the local jurisdiction on requirements for getting a temporary power permit. Apply for temporary power online at www.pge.com/cco or call 1-877-743-7782, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., or email PG&E at [email protected].

Currently, the Poe, Cresta, Rock Creek, Bucks Creek and Belden hydroelectric powerhouses along the North Fork Feather River are operating. The Caribou, Oak Flat and Butt Valley powerhouses will resume service after transmission lines serving them are completed.

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