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Phishing scam targets Frontier customers

   Some Indian Valley Frontier customers are receiving robocalls on their digital phonelines from an entity claiming to be Frontier Communications with a request for customers to “acknowledge the voice over internet protocol limitations for calling 911 when the power was out.”

Customers are asked to select “1” to acknowledge the limitations. The call goes on to say that the acknowledgement is required by the FCC, and if customers do not respond their phone service will be discontinued.

   Frontier Communications has stated that they do not reach out to customers via phone calls for any purpose like that and would only use actual paper mail to provide any sort of legalese.

   Frontier spokespeople claimed this robocall is a phishing exercise and for customers to ignore it and hang up.

   Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is now aware of the calls but had not themselves received any calls about the Frontier scam.

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