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Pile burning along Quincy Junction Road this weekend

Conditions permitting, on Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, Plumas Underburn Cooperative, Feather River College, and CSU, Chico Ecological Reserves will be assisting a landowner implement a prescribed fire along Quincy Junction Road in American Valley.

This pile burn will be conducted by citizens and wildland fire professionals toreduce fire hazard to the community. The burn is part of a larger effort to manage the property for fire safety and forest health, promoting native black oaks
(Quercus Kelloggii) and sugar pines (Pinus lambertiana).

As opposed to wildfires, smoke impacts from prescribed fire can be mitigated by burningin favorable fuel and wind conditions. Considerations have been made to reduce smoke impacts to the community from this event. Organizers hope that residents will tolerate smoke that is encountered as a short-term impact that is intended to reduce the more long-term air quality impacts from summer wildfires. This burn is permitted by the Northern SierraAir Quality Management District. For air quality information go to the Fire and SmokeMap, AirNow.gov, and/or myairdistrict.com.

Household Air Purifiers are available from PUC for free on a short-term loan basis. Local fire and air quality agencies have been notified. Do not report this fire activity.

Plumas Underburn Cooperative is a program of the Plumas County Fire Safe Council and Feather RiverResource Conservation District. The organization is volunteer-based and organized with the intention of promoting safe communities, resilient forests & landscapes, and making prescribed fire of use to anyone in Plumas County.

For more information go to plumasunderburn.org

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