PJSHS puts Measure B funds to good use for the community

Portola Junior/Senior High School has been hard at work upgrading the campus for a better student experience and is excited to share the latest projects that are nearly completed with the community. “We have two projects happening currently utilizing Measure B funds” Principal Sara Sheridan said. The first project is a rehabilitation of the front of the high school. “Over the years, the sidewalks in front of the school have just degraded,” Sheridan explained. The old sidewalks and the long walkway leading up to the front of the school have subsequently been torn out and replaced, with the project to be completed by the beginning of November. “This means we will now have smooth sidewalks and fresh tiered steps leading up to the school, and it is all ADA compliant,” Sheridan said. “This is going to be so much safer for everyone!”

The second project approaching completion at the high school is the installation of two full sized sport courts. “We are really excited about this,” Sheridan said with a smile. “The custom courts are purple, black and white with the Portola Tiger paw in the center. The courts will be fully fenced and will have outdoor lights.” The two courts are full sized basketball courts with glass backboards on the hoops, but they also convert into courts for volleyball, pickleball, and tennis. “This really completes the sports complex here at the school, and the kids are so excited to have this new outlet in the community,” Sheridan added. The courts are also going to be open for public use, so that all members of the community can enjoy the space for recreation when not in use by the school.

Custom sport courts complete the sports complex at Portola Junior Senior High School as the Measure B funded project comes together. Photos by Portola Junior/Senior High School
Old, crumbling sidewalks begone!
The rehabilitation on the walkways leading up to the front of the school nears completion.