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Planning Commission gears up for cannabis

The Plumas County Planning Commission is gearing up to receive the controversial draft Cannabis Ordinance produced by the Cannabis Working Group.

County Planning Director Randy Wilson stated at the Nov. 2 planning commission meeting that the cannabis working group is getting close to submitting a draft for the planning commission’s review. He speculated that the planning commission would start reviewing the draft ordinance after the first of the year.

He also updated the commission on the newly imposed moratorium on commercial cannabis cultivation.

“Moratoriums are one of the most powerful land use restrictions the board of supervisors can implement,” said Wilson.

Wilson explained that the moratorium will last for 45 days and on Nov. 27, the board of supervisors will meet in a public hearing to review the progress made in the 45 days. At that time, the board can renew the moratorium for a period of almost two years.

In the meantime, the draft cannabis ordinance will still be reviewed and finalized by the assigned working group, the planning commission and finally, the board of supervisors.

The planning commission was created to provide recommendations regarding the Plumas County General Plan. County code requires that any ordinances that implement changes to the zoning codes require review by the commission.

The commission members, made up of District 1 Commissioner Dr. Robert Abbott, District 4 Commissioner Larry Wilson and District 5 Commissioner John Olofson, have a large task ahead of them for such a small group. Wilson said Supervisor Sherrie Thrall would be appointing a District 3 commissioner at the next board meeting, leaving the District 2 commissioner position still vacant.

The members of the planning commission are appointed by the supervisor of their district through an application process. District 2 representatives interested in applying to be a commissioner should contact Supervisor Kevin Goss at [email protected].

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  • It’s alway 420 in Plumass County!!!

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