Madeline Goss sold her grand champion steer to Caleb Holland and Sierra Cascade Aggregate and Asphalt during the last Junior Livestock Auction held at the fairgrounds in 2019. Photo by Amanda Osburn, Bliss Photography

Plumas and Sierra youth fare well at annual 4-H, FFA Junior Livestock Auction

The annual 4-H and Future Farmers of America Junior Livestock Auction at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair on Aug. 18 rewarded the participating Plumas and Sierra youngsters with yet another nice payday for all their hard work and effort they put in over the course of the better part of the year raising their animals.

Collectively, buyers this year generously spent $218,972 on 126 animals and that amount doesn’t include any price bumps donated during the sale.

This year there were 29 beef on the auction block selling at an average price of $2.87/lb. (prices varied from a high of $5.25 to a low of  $2/lb.) amassing $108,485 in total sale proceeds; the 57 hogs sold averaged $5.67/lb. (from $10 to $4/lb.) adding another $80,100 to the day’s total; 24 sheep averaged $6.48/lb. ($10.75 to $4/lb.), bringing in $19,372; the 15 meat goats averaged $8.32/lb. ($15 to $4.50/lb.) which amounted to $10,387 in sales; and one pen with two meat rabbits sold for $61/lb., adding another $628 to the total.

Showing their support


As they have done for years, Dr. Steen Jensen and Dr. Chris Kennedy guaranteed to price goats at $8.25/lb. and bumped the sheep up to $6.25/lb.

Year after year there are always lots of multiple buyers ready and willing to open their checkbooks.

This year that list included Todd and Marie Anderson, Gayle Baker, Nate and Mattie Bunting, Andrew Clarke, Collins Pine Lumber Co., Dig It Construction, Dobbas Ranch, Heather Felts, Stephen Frank, Gregory Engineering Inc., Caleb Holland, Holland Waterproofing, Indian Creek Vet Clinic, Indian Valley Construction, Kingdon Construction, Kingdon Equipment, KT Hay and Cattle Company, Les Schwab of Portola, Motorsport Tech Inc., NAPA – Sierra, Marty and Suzanne Powers, Roberti Ranch, John Roen, Round Valley Ag and Resort, Sierra Pacific Industries, Sierra Valley Feed, Sierra Valley Ranch, Lenny and Hayden Stahl, Derrek Stokes, Susanville Ford, Dan West – Graeagle Timber, Wilburn Construction and Wold Amusement.

Sale of champions

Caleb Holland and Sierra Cascade Aggregate paid $6,405 for Indian Valley 4-H member Madeline Goss’ hefty 1,220 lb. grand champion steer. It sold for $5.25/lb. She was also the 4-H senior showmanship winner and the Gene Drybread memorial award winner.


The reserve grand champion beef also came from an Indian Valley 4-H’er, Ema Kingdon. Three buyers joined in the purchase — Gayle Baker, Eli Meltzer Construction and Kingdon Equipment — paying $3.50/lb., $4,382, for her steer that tipped the scales at 1,252 lbs.

Also representing the Indian Valley 4-H group was Kaidyn Holland who sold her 293 lb. grand champion swine to NAPA-Sierra for $7.50/lb., amounting to $2,197.

Safeway Stores bought the 229-lb. reserve champion hog and senior swine showmanship winner and round robin winner from Nichole Cardona representing the Chester 4-H Club. The pig fetched $1,488 when the bidding stopped at $6.50/lb.

Impressively, for the fourth consecutive year, the grand champion lamb honors went to Justus Emsoff of the Sierra Valley 4-H. The 122-lb. sheep sold to Susanville Ford who paid $8 lb., $976.

And just like last year, Anela Caudle from Echo 4-H raised the reserve champ sheep, a 124-pounder, bought by Gregory Engineering for $7.50/lb., $930. This was also the showmanship and round robin winner in that division.


For the second consecutive year, Louis Siqueido raised the grand champion goat and showmanship winner. Les Schwab Tires of Portola paid $10.50/lb. for the 75-pounder worth $787 for the Loyalton FFA member.

Indian Valley 4-H’er Kadee McKinney sold the reserve champion goat to Andrew Clarke for $10/lb. It weighed in at 78 lbs. and earned the Loyalton club member $780.

Fetching the highest price per pound on the day, $61, was James White’s pen of meat rabbits. The American Valley 4-H’er sold it to Susanville Ford for $628.

Animals donated for resale

Many buyers donate their purchase(s) back to the auction to be resold for the benefit a particular cause.

As they do year after year, Bresciani Insurance and Bresciani Ranch donated back to the Mac McElduff Foundation.

And continuing with their valuable contribution was Indian Valley Construction, Charlie and Marylynn Neer and Neer Custom Cut and Wrap donated animals back benefiting the Clayton Neer Memorial Fund.


Indian Valley Construction and Ron Wilson once again donated their purchases back for resale to benefit the Quincy Rotary Club’s livestock restoration project at the fairgrounds.

Award winners

Other 4-H and FFA winners not already mentioned include Isabella Del Barba of Loyalton FFA, swine showmanship and FFA round robin; Cate Petterson of Treasure Mountain 4-H, beginning swine showmanship; Jax Holland of Indian Valley 4-H, junior swine showmanship; Stella White of American Valley 4-H, junior dairy goat Showmanship; Kristin Roberti of Sierra Valley 4-H, senior dairy goat showmanship, and grand and reserve champion; Gage Holzum of Treasure Mountain 4-H, beginning meat goat showmanship; Dyson Powers of Sierra Valley 4-H, junior meat goat showmanship; Lilly Baumbach of American Valley 4-H, senior meat goat showmanship; Teagan Schafer of Sierra Valley 4-H, beginning sheep showmanship; Faith Powers of Sierra Valley 4-H, senior sheep showmanship; Jake Smalley of Indian Valley 4-H, beginning beef showmanship; Daisy Neer of Indian Valley 4-H, junior beef showmanship; Madeline Williams of Loyalton FFA, beef showmanship.


Behind the scenes

Others who contributed to the success of the sale included Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications that sponsored the auctioneer’s services. The Plumas County Sheriff’s Employees Association picked up the tab for the buyers’ breakfast and Alpine Beverages provided drinks.

Tony and Kim Folchi, and Plumas Bank helped offset sale costs. Genesee Valley Ranch sponsored the carcass contest and Griffin Livestock provided the trucking, and Pinocchio Restaurant, Tahoe Creamery and Crystal Creamery will provide the refrigerated trucking for meat delivery on Sept. 7.

And the ever dependable and enthusiastic auctioneer, Wesley Neer, once again did a fantastic job working a generous crowd of buyers throughout the day.

Andrea White, president of the sale committee, expressed her appreciation for all those who helped make the day so successful for the 4-H and FFA youth. “We couldn’t have done it without them,” she said.