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Trinity Range, Nevada by local artist Lucinda Wood.

Plumas Arts hosts the luminous landscapes of local artist

The Plumas Arts Gallery, located at 525 Main St. in Quincy, will host a reception Friday, March 6, from 5 to 7 p.m., for local artist Lucinda Wood.

Meet the artist, mingle with friends and neighbors and enjoy light refreshments.

Wood is most at home sitting on a rock by a stream, painting the wild landscapes she loves that surround her mountain home in Quincy.

Most of her paintings are begun on location, to the music of roaring waterfalls, rushing streams or singing birds. She has the eye of a naturalist, and finds the beauty of the actual place and its wild residents very inspiring.

She will return to the site for several days, if need be, and weather permits. Sometimes she finishes her paintings in the field, but usually she finishes from photos in her studio.

Wood works in transparent watercolor, which she loves for its vibrancy, the crisp detail possible and the playful bleeds. “Light and shadows are really important in my work,” says Wood.

She often paints along her favorite hiking trails or on remote backpacking or river rafting trips with her adventurous family. She has had ice crystals form in her pallete while out painting in the winter. That’s when she knows it’s time to stop!

She and her husband began raising their two children in Moab, Utah, where they explored red rock canyons for 13 years before moving to the tall forests of the Lost Sierra. Both have proven to be wonderful places to explore and paint. She hopes her work conveys some of the delight she has felt in the presence of such beauty.

The exhibit will hang at the gallery until March 27 alongside the work of Plumas Arts member artists.

The Plumas Arts Gallery and office hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit Plumas Arts at www.plumasarts.org for more information about Plumas Arts’ programs, and to see the gallery exhibition schedule for 2020.

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