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Inside the Chester branch of Plumas Bank on Feb. 14, from left, PAWS co-directors Alice Parlier, and Louise DeLaney, along with “extraordinary” volunteers Barbara Montandon, Betty McGinty and Devin Finch successfully found homes for five of the seven cats that were brought to the adoption event. Photo by Stacy Fisher

Plumas Bank provides venue for pet adoption

A cat adoption took place inside Plumas Bank in Chester on Feb. 14. The affair was designed to provide an opportunity for local residents through the Plumas Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to adopt cats needing “forever homes,” explained Chester resident Barbara Montandon, PAWS board member and Animals In Need volunteer.

Fees were waived on this special occasion for those 65 or older wanting to adopt one of the felines.

PAWS co-directors Alice Parlier and Louise DeLaney, and “extraordinary” volunteers Betty McGinty and Devin Finch along with Montandon were successful in finding homes for five of the seven cats that were brought to the five-hour adoption.

“I want to get these animals all to be cared for,” stated Montandon, adding that Chester is composed of “the most caring people. … They always come through when there’s a need.”

In addition to providing a donation jar available for customers entering Plumas Bank to give to a worthy cause, funds were also raised through the Save A Life Hats campaign that will continue through the first week of March, available during the bank’s normal business hours.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the knitted beanies, scarves and ‘messy bun’ hats, all made by Sacramento resident Dorthy Eakle, go directly to PAWS in Quincy and local Animals In Need, in hopes of saving an innocent shelter animal looking for a warm and loving home.

On the same table as the hats are two stacks of books available for purchase: cinema action star Chuck Norris’ “The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book” and Tracy DuBord’s “Meet You at The Dock.”

The authors are donating all the money from the sale of their books to PAWS animal rescue.

Plenty of cats are always to be had at the PAWS Cathouse in Quincy at 2453 E. Main St., open Wednesdays through Fridays, from noon to 3 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., or by appointment. The organization’s phone number is 283-5433. PAWS email is: [email protected]. The website also offers a link to view pets that are being sheltered.

Cats and kittens can also be viewed at the rescue facility during normal business hours, and everyone who comes in looking to adopt will have the opportunity to hold the animals and get to know their personalities, which hopefully leads to an adoption.

Adoption fees are $25 for a spayed or neutered cat. If the cat or kitten has not been spayed or neutered, the fee is $60 with $50 refunded when the organization receives proof that the animal has been altered.

The first set of FVRCP vaccinations are administered by the organization.

Pet agencies always appreciate monetary donations as well as items such as cages, cat toys, leashes, blankets, collars, beds, towels, canned and unopened bags of food, etc., all of which are tax deductible.

PAWS require that an application be completed prior to adoption approval. Their policy is not to adopt to anyone who declaws or who does not spay or neuter their pets.

If adoptees are renting a home, verification is required from the landlord that cats are allowed at the residence.

After being taken into a new home, adopted animals take three days to decompress, three weeks to start knowing your routine, and three months to start feeling at home.

Montandon noted that Treats Wags n’ Wiggles Pet Supply, located at 525 Main St. in downtown Chester accepts monetary and pet food donations sent to various shelters.

Anyone interested in pet adoption — either dogs or cats — can contact Barbara Montandon at 258-1536, or email her at: [email protected].

Volunteers are always welcome to assist in this noble endeavor, and should feel free to contact PAWS or Montandon to learn more about what they can do.

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