Plumas cases 1 to 27

Plumas County has 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of today, July 22.

Following is a rundown of the cases from No. 1 through No. 27 with the basic information that is known. For geographical purposes, Eastern is Graeagle/Portola; Northern is Indian Valley; Southern is Quincy/Canyon; and western is Chester/Lake Almanor. (Specific locations are shared if they were revealed.)

No. 1: March 31, Eastern Plumas resident who had been tested at St. Mary’s in Reno

No. 2: April 2, Eastern Plumas resident (close household contact of the first)


No. 3: April 4, Indian Valley resident

No. 4: April 10, Lake Almanor resident (rumored to be a false positive)

No. 5: June 15, Eastern Plumas resident

No. 6: June 18, Quincy resident (close contact with number 5; mild to no symptoms)

No. 7: June 24, Eastern Plumas resident, tested at PDH, mild symptoms

No. 8: June 29, Eastern Plumas resident, mass testing in Sierra County, symptoms

No. 9: June 30, Eastern Plumas resident, attributed to Lassen prison outbreak

No. 10: July 1, Eastern Plumas resident (close household contact of number 7)

No. 11: July 2, Quincy resident, mass testing event, no symptoms

No. 12: July 6, Eastern Plumas resident

No. 13: July 7, Western Plumas resident, attributed to Lassen prison outbreak

Nos. 14 and 15: July 8, two Eastern Plumas Healthcare employees – one lives in Eastern Plumas, the other in South Plumas (one had close contact to the 12th case, an Eastern Plumas resident)


Nos. 16 and 17: July 10, two Eastern Plumas residents from the same household, likely acquired in Reno.

Nos. 18 and 19: July 13, two Western Plumas residents, acquired during a Fourth of July gathering that resulted in a number of confirmed cases in other counties as well.

No. 20: July 14, a Western Plumas resident, case is under investigation.

No. 21: July 15, a Western Plumas resident with ties to another confirmed case.

No. 22: July 16, an Eastern Plumas resident, works in the Portola skilled nursing facility and is a close contact to another confirmed case.

No. 23: July 17, a Western Plumas resident; investigation underway.

No. 24: July 18, a Western Plumas resident, with close ties to No. 23.

No. 25: July 21, a Western Plumas resident, with close ties to another confirmed case.

No. 26: July 22, a Southern Plumas resident.

No. 27: July 22, a Northern Plumas resident, who has been hospitalized out of county for a higher level of care.


Editor’s note: Plumas News would like to interview one or more of the confirmed cases so that they can share their experiences if they would be willing. We think it’s important information that could help others. Interviewees could remain anonymous.