Plumas Charter announces graduation and fall plans

Plumas Charter School students are finishing their school year and virtual classes this Friday, June 5. During that last week of school, students can expect to close out their distance learning programs with their teachers, while some will participate in end-of-year class meetings and virtual assemblies. Parents can expect to individually meet with their student’s teacher to discuss grades and assessments, as well as the schedule options the school has in place for fall.
Graduation ceremonies are taking a variety of forms. Sixth-graders in Greenville will have a ceremony parade in front of Indian Valley Academy building on the evening of Thursday, June 4, and Quincy sixth-graders can expect a home parade ceremony on Wednesday June 3.  PCS Quincy seniors will also have an individualized home visit graduation parade on Friday, June 5, starting at 11 a.m.  IVA seniors will have a parade style ceremony starting at 6 p.m. also on Friday, June 5, in front of the Indian Valley Academy building.  Chester seniors can expect home visits and individualized ceremonies that Friday as well.  All PCS seniors will also receive customized senior sweatshirts, and a graduation video.
According to the school’s executive director Taletha Washburn, “PCS stakeholders have been diligently working on plans for fall, and have drafted four schedule versions that can be deployed and easily moved between.”  The plans include:
1) A regular four-day-a-week onsite program option;
2) A two-day-a-week onsite program option which reduces the number of students at a site by half;
3) A one-day-a-week onsite program option which further reduces the number of students on site to 25 percent; and
4) Distance Learning.
Any days that students are not on site, they will have a personalized distance learning program, as they are receiving now.
The Leadership Team and PCS Board will be finalizing the safety protocols that accompany these plans over the summer. PCS is expecting that the decision on which program to begin the school year with, will be determined in collaboration with Plumas County Public Health and Plumas Unified School District, and under advisement from the state. Regardless of the fall start plan, PCS will concurrently have all infrastructure in place for comprehensive distance learning.
“The staff at PCS have been inspired and proud of the resiliency of our communities and students,” said Washburn. “This has been a challenging, yet creative time, and we are honored to support our families in the flexible education of students.”

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