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Plumas Christian completes successful fundraiser

For the second year in a row, Plumas Christian School has met its goal to fund its annual budget through a public fundraiser.

This year’s fundraiser, held Feb. 23, reached $62,810.33, nearly $3,000 above the official goal, and some donations are still trickling in.

For the 24-hour campaign, Principal Shannon Little was subjected to a “lock-in” where she had to stay up all night while people brought in donations and participated in various meals and activities at the school.

“We are encouraged and blessed to have such an amazing team of support,” Little said. “Every day we work hard to provide high-quality Christian education to our community at an affordable level, and our alumni, families and community are very generously making that possible.”

Because tuition is kept at an affordable level for the local community and government funds are not available, tuition revenue at Plumas Christian covers only about 45 percent of annual operating expenses. Historically, the school has relied on a small group of supporters with a vision to keep private Christian education an option in Plumas County. But two years ago, the school opened up that opportunity to alumni and the community at large through an annual fundraising campaign.

“Many people care about having this kind of institution and education available here, not just parents of students,” said alumni Graham Shea. “Over its 32-year history, Plumas Christian has enriched our area in so many ways, but many of them fly below the radar. The school doesn’t make it into the public eye as much as it should. I’m glad we all have the opportunity to feel some ownership of the legacy and keep it available. Countless former students have told me what a deep, life-changing moral foundation it gave them. I certainly received that, and it’s so important today.”

“Since PCS I have studied at many different educational institutions [public and private] and have earned a M.A. in history and a secondary teaching Credential,” said alumni Russ Gaudard. “I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today had we not chosen Plumas Christian. It was one of the best decisions my parents ever made. It is with great satisfaction that I teach my students today about the importance of faith and reason just as my PCS teachers taught me almost 20 years ago.”

Plumas Christian was founded in 1986. Traditionally pre-K through 12th grade, it scaled back to pre-K through sixth grade in 2014 due to widespread decreases in student enrollment. Several of the teachers have taught there for more than 25 years.

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