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Plumas completes one mass COVID testing, two more scheduled

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

The first of three scheduled mass COVID-19 testings was conducted yesterday, June 10, at the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds. The next two are scheduled for June 17 and 24.

“Overall, it went well,” said Lori Beatley, the public health information officer for Plumas County.

While county health officials were on site, the state contracts with Verily to conduct the mass testing, which in turn contracted with Team Rubicon to implement the procedures.

Quincy resident Janet Radtke was among the 108 individuals tested yesterday and she was impressed with the process from start to finish. She said it only took about five minutes to register online.

“It was so easy to navigate,” Radtke said of the website. After she registered she watched a short video to be prepared for the process — what to bring to the testing site and how to administer the self swab.

When she drove into the fairgrounds she was met by a greeter in gown and face mask and directed to one of two lines. At the first stop, she was given a test that was put under her windshield, and at the second she administered her self swab under supervision. When she returned to work, there was an email waiting for her with a short survey to review the process. She estimated the entire process took less than 10 minutes and she will receive her test results in two to five days.

“It couldn’t have gone smoother,” she said.

Radtke is a Quincy resident, which made it easy for her to visit the fairgrounds. But what about those who live elsewhere in the county?

Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff answered that question when he appeared before the Board of Supervisors on June 9 to provide a coronavirus update. He said that while he would like to offer the mass tests at locations throughout the county, for now the state test administrators prefer to work in population centers. The next two mass tests will also be at the fairgrounds, but the county is working on other opportunities.

When asked if people traveled from throughout the county for this event, Beatley said, “Public Health does not have access to the registration, so we are unsure of how far people traveled throughout the community for this testing.” However, she added, “Plumas County is currently collaborating with our local healthcare facilities to facilitate mass testing in Plumas County. We are hoping to finalize our plans and begin mass testing in other areas of Plumas County sometime in July.”

The individuals tested at the fairgrounds were supposed to be asymptomatic. Anyone with symptoms was encouraged to contact their healthcare professional and not participate in the mass test. Public Health is interested in determining if there are positive cases among the asymptomatic participants.



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