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Plumas County COVID-19 status


By Dale Knutsen

Special to Plumas News

The Plumas County coronavirus case count only increased by one during the past week, bringing our accumulated total to 34 as of Aug.7.  That limited increase is good news.  Even better news is that thus far there have been no COVID-19 fatalities in the county, a claim that can be made by only eight other counties in the state.

Of the 58 California counties, Plumas County ranks number 5 in having the least COVID-19 impact.  Not surprisingly, the four counties ahead of us are also lightly populated rural jurisdictions: (1) Modoc, (2) Alpine, (3) Sierra and (4) Trinity.

Population mixing has been at the core of our rising case load.  Some of it has been attributed to local residents traveling to virus “hot zones” for employment purposes, shopping, repairs, medical appointments or whatever.  Other cases may be attributed to contact with the influx of visitors from outside the county.  In any event, continued caution is needed to minimize our local case load.  As one recent medical poster put it:  Distance + Shielding + Sanitizing = Success (… but only if we all participate).

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