Plumas County moves into the red tier; new restrictions in effect tomorrow

Plumas County was officially placed in the red tier today, Nov. 16, with new restrictions going into effect tomorrow. (See the charts below to review all of the changes.) In general, while businesses and organizations can remain open, they must operate under reduced capacity. If Plumas had been placed in the purple tier, it would have closed virtually all businesses to indoor service. In the red tier for example, restaurants and churches can remain open to indoor service and attendance, but at 25 percent capacity. Plumas County had been in the orange tier, which allowed those entities to operate at 50 percent capacity.

The Plumas County Public Health Agency is set to issue a press release on the subject today.

The announcement came one day earlier than had been the state’s practice of issuing the guidelines on Tuesday, as Gov. Gavin Newsom addressed the rapidly increasing number of COVID cases across the state during a noon press conference today. Plumas County wasn’t alone. While Plumas managed to avoid the most restrictive purple tier, 41 counties did not.

In addition to making the announcement one day earlier than has been the practice, the new tier requirements must occur within 24 hours rather than the 72 hours that had been allowed. Also, the state will review tier status mid week, rather than waiting a full week, which means counties could move to a more restrictive tier more quickly. The other change came with the abandonment of the mandatory two-week tier status, which protected counties from rapid changes.