Plumas County Sheriff: Avoid mountain travel

The Plumas County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol are asking motorists to avoid mountain travel.

This evening, Dec. 26, the dispatch center is being inundated with calls from motorists trapped on the Gold Lake Highway, La Porte Road and the Quincy/Oro Highway over Bucks Lake Road. These three roadways are closed for the winter.

Sheriff’s Spokesman Chandler Peay advised motorists to avoid travel if at all possible, but if necessary to travel via the main highways and to check Caltrans for the latest information. He said that with Highway 80 closed, motorists are looking for alternatives and might not be aware that these lesser traveled roadways are also closed.

For example, there’s always confusion surrounding Highway 162 and the Quincy/Oro Highway (the latter takes motorists over Bucks Lake) while 162 feeds into the Quincy/Oro Highway, it is not the same roadway. Highway 162 is open, but ends in Oroville and doesn’t come up into Plumas County.

Go to for the latest road conditions or call 1-800-427-7623.