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Plumas County to hold job fair May 20

Submitted by Plumas County

It’s not a secret that the job market has been a challenge for several years. Plumas County has been no exception. Even more interesting is the struggle our local government has had filling positions. For decades, a job with the County of Plumas meant good reliable pay, exceptional benefits, opportunity for growth, security, and the chance to be of service to fellow citizens. The truth is; nothing is different. All those attributes of a County job still apply. Plus, the variety of positions offers exciting new pathways. Over 20 departments provide services to the public, with a large number of positions in each department to accomplish that mission. The leaders of those county departments want to tell you about those many positions; what they do, why it is exciting, what is the compensation, opportunities for advancement and how soon you can start. They’ve made it easier than ever before.

On Saturday, May 20, a job fair will be held at the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Most of the County Departments will be there to show you what they have to offer, and you can do the same for them. From financial services to law enforcement, health care to maintenance, there are a dizzying variety of jobs available right now. There will be workshops throughout the event explaining what it’s like to work for Plumas County. You will have the chance to talk to actual employees of these departments and get their take on open jobs. They can talk about qualifications, work requirements, and work schedules. You can complete and submit an application with a better understanding of what kind of job you may be seeking.

Plumas County needs caring, hard working individuals that are willing to do an exceptional job for their friends and neighbors. The job market is showing signs of tightening up, so now is the time to join a team that needs you and offers stability. Plan on visiting the fairgrounds this May 20.

One thought on “Plumas County to hold job fair May 20

  • For substandard pay and exorbitantly expensive benefits, you, too, can be overworked and underpaid.

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