Plumas County veterans, save the date

Whether you like lots of company on a pontoon boat or the one-on-one experience in a small craft, if you like fishing and you are a Plumas County veteran, the Almanor Fishing Association can find a place for you on its annual Veterans Fishing Day. Traditionally the event has been the Sunday  after Father’s Day, but due to location availability conflicts this year the day-long event will be held Saturday, June 27. Morning fishing times vary depending on the guide and type of fishing you request, but everyone will meet at Lake Almanor Country Club, Rec. 1 site at 1500 hours (that’s 3 p.m. for you civilians) for a barbeque that will blow your socks off. Save the date and make sure to register ASAP by calling John or Deb at 284 0861 or e-mail [email protected] Photo by Gregg Scott