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Plumas COVID numbers reported

Plumas County Public Health released its latest COVID numbers, today, July 25. (Public Health had been reporting every Thursday, but skipped July 21). On July 7, Public Health reported 36 cases; on July 14 that number rose to 60; and today, July 25, 30 cases were reported.

Of course that’s just a portion of what is actually circulating; at-home tests aren’t included in the positive case counts. The test positivity rate stands at 26 percent.

Those testing positive report varying symptoms — from being asymptomatic, to mild cold symptoms, to being so tired they can’t get off the couch, to pounding headaches, to hospitalizations. As of today, there is 1 people hospitalized. The death toll to date stands at 22.

There are currently 51 people in isolation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Public Health has reported 3,958 cases.

For more demographic information regarding COVID in Plumas County, click here.


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