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Rhyanne Skinner of ICW Group, Plumas District Hospital’s worker’s comp insurance carrier, presented the Excellence In Safety award to the hospital’s environment of care committee. From left: Cynthia Warner, PDH Employee Health coordinator; Mike Flanigan, co-owner of Flanigan-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.; Skinner, ICW Group Senior Risk Management consultant; Jeffrey Kepple M.D., PDH CEO; and Shawn Rader, PDH Safety Officer. Photo submitted

Plumas District Hospital receives safety award

Plumas District Hospital received an Excellence In Safety award Oct. 12 from ICW, the hospital’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier, for their continued commitment to workplace safety during the 2016-2017 period. It was noted that out of 200 clients, only two received safety awards this year.

“It’s not the easiest thing to do,” said ICW Senior Risk Management Consultant Erin Silva. “Plumas District Hospital has put more effort into changing their safety programs and culture more than any other account I have.”

A safe work environment is a productive one. Non-ergonomic equipment may cause health problems such as back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other common workplace concerns include the presence of hazardous chemicals or waste, mechanical problems, and dangers of falling or weather-related hazards.

Identifying workplace safety issues is the first step in protecting employees. PDH Safety Officer Shawn Rader said, “As leaders, we work hard to promote workplace safety. But the key to the success of our Safety Program is the reporting and transparency of everyone.”

Over the last year, the PDH has made strides in promoting workplace safety in a variety of ways. First, they implemented an improved electronic Quality Review Report to ease hazard-tracking and communication across departments. They also invested over $10,000 in equipment for employees, which included new wireless headsets, keyboard trays and over 100 highly-rated ergonomic office chairs.

Employee Health Coordinator Cynthia Warner has also been proactive in encouraging staff to voice their concerns about their work environment.

This upcoming year, the hospital will continue to promote workplace safety and encourage the reporting of all incidents or potential risks by using the electronic Quality Review Report.

“It’s always nice to be recognized for our efforts, but the real win is the increase in workplace safety and reduction of actual injuries,” continued Rader.

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