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Plumas fares better than most with PG&E outages

While much of northern California plunged into darkness last week when PG&E implemented public safety power outages, Plumas County emerged relatively unscathed.

Approximately 800 customers were impacted in Plumas — with no outages in the main population centers. The areas affected were portions of the Feather River Canyon from the county line to approximately 4 miles east of Belden; the Caribou from Highway 70 north to the south end of Butt Lake; the south power feed from Highway 70 to Bucks Lake and all of Bucks Lake; as well as parts of La Porte.

Kim Henderson, co-owner of Lakeshore Resort at Bucks Lake, reported that power was still out Friday morning, but their facilities were open for business.

“Our restaurant has to close a little earlier because the generator heats up,” Henderson said, “but the cabins have water, heat and they can cook.” 

Henderson and others up at Buck Lake are used to the power going out. “Most people up here have generators,” she said. 

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric customers (Eastern Plumas and parts of Quincy) did not experience any outages. During an interview last week, General Manager Bob Marshall said that the utility didn’t plan any outages because its heavy duty system has been built to better withstand wind, but if its power supply obtained through PG&E were to be disrupted then there could be a temporary outage until it switched to alternate power feeds. 

“If Quincy is on, then our primary feed is on,” he said. Customers served by Liberty in Eastern Plumas also weren’t impacted by the outages.

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