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This is a look at the scene left behind by the Minerva Fire. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Plumas fire updates

Noon update: According to incident command, crews worked through the night on the Minerva Fire monitoring fire lines. The fixed wing infrared flight shows the firing operations in Divisions M and N were successful in eliminating the unburned areas within the interior of those divisions. These areas continue to hold a substantial amount of heat.

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The fire objectives for today: Fire crews will continue mop-up and holding operations throughout the day reducing the threat to adjacent infrastructure and the community of Quincy. Line improvement and repair will continue on all divisions of the fire. Air support will continue to aid crews in holding and mop-up operations.
Chances of afternoon and evening thunderstorms will continue through midweek. Temperatures will gradually increase with highs near to or above normal.

8 a.m. Yesterday was a busy day with fire starts breaking out from Chilcoot to Paxton — some were lightning-caused, others not.

This is Day 10 of the Minerva Fire and the event is quieting down. It is 64 percent contained and at 4,307 acres. Over night firefighters focused on a small area of burnout.


This morning firefighters are responding to a lightning fire reported above Antelope Lake. The lake is not impacted and all recreation areas remain open.

The Forest Service reminds the public that lightning fires are “usually put to bed quickly” as evidenced by the fires broke out yesterday in Dixie Valley and near Lake Davis. Both are contained, as is the fire that threatened Chilcoot yesterday evening. Evacuations were called but quickly lifted.

The two small fires southwest of Taylor Rock (yesterday’s activity that saw a lot of activity above Chandler Road in Quincy) are contained.

The three fires near Paxton in the Feather River Canyon have lines around them.


12 thoughts on “Plumas fire updates

  • Thank you for the update on the fires .

  • Thank you for the continuing updates, they are very much appreciated. Many thanks to all the firefighters and support personnel for their round the clock efforts on our behalf.

  • Awesome work fellas, keep it up. God bless you each and every one.

    • Please keep in mind that along with the “fellas” there have been a number of female firefighters working on this incident. Let’s encourage them also by including them in the expressions of appreciation. M. Brown

  • Thanks to all of you!!! Hoping for a calmer day today.

  • Debra…you said some of the new fires were started by lighting and “some not”. Does that mean some were arson? Thank you..Mary

    • Causes unconfirmed at this point.

      • TY…

  • I just went to Safeway. Going in I looked at the fire map and it showed about 80% containment. When I came out of Safeway, a new map was up showing 100% containment. Is this so, or is it a mistake?

    • The most recent maps show neither an 80 percent, nor 100 percent containment. The legend shows which portions of the fire are contained, and which are not. Containment remains at 64 percent. We have just posted the most recent map, which reflects this information.

  • Goodluck Tom Hepner. From Faz

  • Com-on Lightening lets heat it up a bit more we haven’t seen enough yet. If its not flooding its gonna burn you out something about mother nature trying to deal with the human infestation.

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